During debug and development it is often helpful to verify that the correct messages are being published and received from the Application Framework event bus.  To handle this situation, a special agent, the event logger, is installed by default on all systems.

This agent, when told to, will subscribe to all topics on the event bus and then log both the topic and payload to the af.log file. On systems with many agents installed, this can cause the af.log file to become quite large. It will be rotated and compressed nightly, but care should be taken to not leave it running when not required.

To enable logging, run:

echo "{}" | ./send register_logger ICG-LOCAL_intwine.event.logger

To disable logging, run:

echo "{}" | ./send unregister_logger ICG-LOCAL_intwine.event.logger

Note, that if the Application Framework is restarted the event logger will default to not logging messages.  This can be changed by modifying the default agent's binding configuration to add the "enabled" parameter with a value of true.

The output of the event logger will look like the following with timestamp, INFO logging level, the name of the event logger, the topic in brackets, and the payload.

2017-04-25 10:11:15,099 INFO [ICG-LOCAL_intwine.event.logger][net/data_use/cell] 106571