In general all Intwine ICG-150s will ship with a SIM in the primary SIM slot, however there may be times when you want (or need) to have redundancy in the cellular connectivity.  Some possible reasons include: support for multiple carriers, failover between carriers, changing between SIMs due to data caps, and many others.  This article will walk you through the process of configuring your ICG-150 for Dual-SIM operation and discuss some ways to utilize this capability.

Configure the SIM Card Profiles

  1. Verify that you have two SIM cards with active data plans and that you know the APN for each.
  2. Power off your ICG-150 and install the two SIM cards into the correct slot.
  3. Power the system and log into the configuration page.
  4. Hover over Network and select Cellular to get the Cellular configuration page.
    1. In the Profiles box at the bottom of the page add a new profile for SIM2 ensuring you have the correct APN values.
    2. Note that APN1 and Index 1 correspond to SIM1 while APN2 and Index 2 are for SIM2.
    3. Scroll back up the page and check the Dual SIM Enable box.
    4. For the SIM2 Network Provider use the drop down list to select Profiles 2
    5. When complete, press the Apply button at the bottom.
  5. At this point the system will use both SIMs for Failover.

Verification of SIM Configuration

At this point it is highly recommended that you verify your SIM configuration is working as expected.  This can be done by running the following tests:

  1. During the above configuration we left SIM1 as the "Main SIM".  This means that SIM1 will be used unless we have told the system to switch to SIM2.  We can verify that SIM1 is working correctly by browsing to Status > Network Connections.  If your Cellular section has an IP Address and the Status is Connected then SIM1 is working correctly.
  2. We can then make SIM2 the primary SIM by browsing to Network > Cellular.  Change Main SIM to SIM2 then press Apply at the bottom.
  3. Check the status of the Cellular connection using SIM2 as we did in Step 1.  You can also verify that SIM2 is being used by looking at the Status > Modem page.
  4. Return the system to SIM1 primary by browsing to Network > Cellular and changing Main SIM back to SIM1.  Press Apply.

Dual SIM for Failover

By default the system is configured to use the Dual-SIM capability for failover.  The switching logic is as follows:



As noted above, you can change the Primary SIM using the Main SIM dropdown list on the Network > Cellular page.  You can also change the number of connection attempts that the system makes before switching.  This setting is in Network > Cellular and is listed as Max Number of Dial; the default is 5 attempts.

Dual SIM for Traffic Management

  1. Services > Traffic Manager.  Enable
  2. Setup your billing start day
  3. Setup the Monthly Threshold
  4. When Over Monthly Threshold change to Switch SIM Card
  5. Press Apply