1.  Ensure your fax ATA box is properly cabled. See image below.
  1. An ethernet cable from an active internet port will be connected to the port with the globe icon.
  2. A standard telephone cable will be connected to your phone port 1. This has an icon of a handset receiver. The other end of the telephone cable should be connected to you fax machine to the in port.
  3. The power adapter should be firmly seated in the power port with the other end seated into an electrical outlet.



  1. Lighting configuration should look like the image seen below.



2.  Try calling the fax number from your phone. Make note of any message you receive other than a normal fax tone. This will help support further troubleshoot your issue.

3.  Try restarting the fax ATA box by removing a power source for 10 seconds. Reconnect to power and let the device boot up.

4.  If none of the above options correct your fax issue, please open a support ticket with Intwine Connect support.  To do this either email support@intwineconnect.com, or log into support.intwineconnect.com.  Please include the following information:


        a.  Are the cables connected in a correct manner?

        b.  What lights are lit on the device?

        c.  Did you hear a fax tone when dialing the number? If a message is given when calling it, what is the     


        d. Has the device been restarted?

        e. Provide the make and model of the fax  machine that you are using.