How to set up your Intwine eFax Service

1.  When Intwine completes the programming of your eFax box, you will receive an email that prompts you to set up the account. It provides your log in username. To start the setup process, click the Complete Setup button. This welcome email will expire in 3 hours so setting this up as soon as possible is recommended. If you miss this window, please email support at and we can get a new welcome email sent to the address associated with the account.

2.  Upon clicking the Complete setup button, you will be brought to a screen asking you to create your password and voicemail pin. (As this line will always be answered by the fax service, you will never receive a voicemail.  The system however requires you to create a voicemail pin.)  Click save after this has been provided.


How to use your Intwine eFax Service

1.  Navigate to  Use the Username and Password you created during setup.

2.  Within the portal, you will see 4 square boxes/buttons across the top.  You will only need to use the Fax tab in that area. (Though some customer do enjoy setting up contact lists in the Contacts tab.)

3.  From the fax  tab, you will see a drop down box on the left named Inbox. On this page, you will see a history of received faxes. If you click the inbox dropdown, it will give an option of sent. When sent is chosen, it will open the page showing a history of sent faxes.

4.  To the right of the Inbox/Sent dropdown you will see the Send Fax button.  When clicked, it will open a dialog box where you will add information about the fax that you want to send. Click the browse button and another dialog box opens for you to browse to the document you wish to send. The middle box will be populated with your fax number. In the bottom box you will add the fax number where you are sending a fax to.

5.  After clicking the send button, switch to the sent page and you can see the progress of the fax you have sent.  You will also receive an email (to the address that you specified) when the fax has been successfully sent.

6.  When you receive a fax it will appear in the portal, and you will also receive the fax to the specified email.