1. Log into the Web UI (located through Wi-Fi at or through Ethernet (Admin credentials are located on the label on the bottom of the router.

2. Navigate to the Network Configuration area, and select the Ethernet Tab.


3. Select “Add Configuration Interface”.  This will generate a new tab called Etherent 2, and take you to its page.

4. Navigate back to the Ethernet 1 tab


5. Change the below list of Values on this tab

         a. Interface Type = WAN (This will make you press ok to a warning box)

         b. Preform NAT?   = Check the box

         c. Serve DHCP? = Uncheck the box

         d. Run Connection Test? = Check the box


6. Click Save Changes at the top right

7. Navigate to the WAN Priority Tab

8. Use the up and down arrows to arrange the Interfaces to have Ethernet above Cellular.

9. Click Save Changes at the top right

10. Power cycle the router.