1) Log into you Verizon My Business Account 

2) Find the Products Tools Box under the Solutions & More Section.  In this box click on One Talk.

3) Scroll down the Page and find box labeled "New Hunt Group" and click on the arrow to the bottom right of this box.

4) Select the account that you wish to add the Hunt Group to, and click continue at the top right.

5) Select any of the Hunt Group Plans (by pressing the select plan button) shown next (as they are all the same), and click continue at the top right.

6) Click the Generate Numbers button

          ***If you are attempting to transfer your number from a different carrier please see Intwine for additional steps.

7) Please fill in the User Information denoted by the below arrows as these boxes are required.  Select the User details box that matched or click Add Address.  

8) Click Save Details at the bottom, and click continue at the top right when completed. 

9) Finally click Checkout at the top right to complete the process.

          ***The Hunt Group will take about 10min to appear on your account after completion.