While keeping a secure Wifi network is important especially to your data limit, there are situations where removing the security key can be helpful.   There are also many instances where changing the credentials all together makes sense.  See below for how to accomplish these items.  

1.  Login to the local configuration webpage using the provided credentials. Click here for help

2. Click on the Network option on the left hand side.  Then click on the Wifi Tab.

3. To change the SSID (the name of your Wifi network). delete and re-type in the SSID field (2 in the below picture).

4.  To change the Security Key (the Wifi password), delete and re-type in the PSK field (3 in the below picture).

5. To disable the Security Key, change the Security Type to Unsecured (1 in the below picture).

6.  To disable Wifi completely uncheck the box to the right of Enable (the top option)

7.  Click Save Changes at the top right when done.