While Intwine offers Professional Installation of the JackPOTS product, we know that many of our customers prefer to self install.  This document is to help walk you through this installation process.   

1)  Locate the POTS device that you are attempting to connect to. 

2)  Unbox the ICG-150 cellular router that you have been provided.  Screw on all three of the antenna's and connect the device to power using the supplied power adapter.

3)  Unbox the Grandstream ATA that you have been provided.  Connect this device to power with the provided power adapter.

4) Using the Ethernet cable that came in the box with the Grandstream ATA, connect the ICG-150 LAN2 port to the Globe port on the ATA.

5) Using the LEDs located on top of the ICG-150 verify that the Cellular LED is solid and that the Signal LED is any color but red.  If the Signal LED is red, try moving the ICG-150's antennas (Or all of the equipment if necessary) closer to an external wall or window

6) Using the LEDs located on top of the Grandstream ATA verify that the Phone 1 LED is solid.

7) Connect an RJ-11 phone cord from the Phone 1 port on the Granstream ATA to the POTS device that you are attempting to connect.  

8) Test you end device to ensure that everything is working properly.  If you are unsuccessful follow the article "How to Create a Support Ticket" to create a ticket and Intwine's support experts will happily help.

9)  Done!

Note: Do not forget to Create an account on the Intwine Remote Management Portal to setup alerts and monitor your device!