If you need to update the firmware on your system there are two ways to do this depending on your access to the ICG in question: via the Intwine Remote Management Portal or via the Local Configuration Webapp.

Use the Intwine Remote Management Portal

1. Browse to https://rmp.intwineconnect.com/ and login to your account. If you do not have an account use the SIGN UP link at the bottom of the page.
2. Once logged in, click on the Gear icon (View more settings) at the end of the row of the ICG you want to update.

**NOTE: if the system is Offline, you will not be able to update it **

3. Click on the TOOLS tab

4. Click the UPDATE NOW button

Use the Local Configuration Webapp

1. Browse to the webapp (typically if over Wifi, or if over ethernet)
2. Login with the Admin credentials on the bottom sticker

3. On the left-hand pane, click the Administration link

4. Select the FIRMWARE tab

5. Click the Update Now button

System behavior during an Update

During the update process the LEDs on the system will go through a series of patterns.  This can help you to ensure that the update is processed correctly:

1. After the Update Now button is pressed, the system will download files from Intwine's secure OTA Server - this may time a while depending on the speed of the connection

2. Once the file is downloaded and verified, the system is rebooted (LEDs off then middle LED green)
3. The system will then begin to boot (leftmost LED blink green)
4. The firmware update will be processed (outer-most LEDs will blink green)

5. Once the update is processed, the system will again reboot (LEDs off then middle LED green)
6. The system will begin to boot - note that this may take longer than usual to finish processing the update (leftmost LED will blink green)

7. Once complete the system will begin searching for a WAN connection (green LEDs moving up and down).  At this point the update has been completely applied and the system is ready to be used.