If you want your ICG to provide a consistent IP address to a LAN device, you can use a Static DHCP lease assignment.  This will force the ICG to assign the same IP address to a LAN device with a specified MAC address, every time that device joins the network.

To configure Static DHCP assignements, login to the ICG's Configuration Webpage to see the System Information page:

From the left-hand navigation pane, click on Network Configuration:

If you want to assign a static address to a Wi-Fi device, stay on the WiFi tab.  If it is an Ethernet device, click on the Ethernet tab.

Regardless of which interface you are connecting over the next steps are the same.

In the DHCP Reservations box, click the New button.

In the first field, enter the MAC address of the device (make sure to include colons).  In the second field, enter the desired IP address.  Make sure that it is within the same subnet as the interface.  So for a standard Ethernet interface (, the IP address needs to be something like  Ideally, do not reserve IP addresses that are within the DHCP Pool range specified in the DHCP Settings box.

Once complete, press the Save Changes button and you are done!

If the end-device is connected it may need to be reset or have it's DHCP lease renewed before it will get the correct IP address.