Any of the network interfaces on the ICG can be easily disabled through the use of the local configuration webpage.  

** Caution: disabling interfaces can prevent the system from working as expected and should only be done by experienced IT professionals **

  1. Connect the the local webapp on your ICG (see how)
  2. From the left hand navigation, click on Network Configuration.
  3. Make sure that you are on the Wifi tab (you will typically land here by default)
  4. In the Network Settings box at the top of the page, uncheck the Enabled box.
  5. Once complete, press the Save Changes button.  The system will update it's settings and you should no longer see the WiFi access point!

The same process can be done for both the Ethernet or Cellular interfaces to enable/disable those networks as well.

If you have any problems or questions don't hesitate to reach out!