Connecting to the ICG-450 Local Webpage
Sometimes you may need to connect to the webpage running on the ICG-450 in case of troubleshooting or resolving offline problems.  This guide will walk you...
Mon, 11 Mar, 2024 at 11:52 AM
How to download the logs from an ICG-450
         Oftentimes when troubleshooting challenging problems, particularly when the system has no internet access, we will need you to download the log fil...
Mon, 11 Mar, 2024 at 12:06 PM
How to setup static DHCP leases on ICG-450
Many times you will want devices that are connected to your ICG-450 to have the same IP address every time they reboot. To do so you will need to assign tha...
Fri, 15 Mar, 2024 at 3:16 PM